About Us

Hi, we’re Dariel and Cathy, husband-and-wife team, partners in photography, and partners in travel!

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That, in a nutshell, sums us up. Why the title, Kyotoscope, you may ask? Because that says it all for us–we love love love Japan, and Kyoto in particular. The city hits all the right notes with us both as photographers and travellers with its abundance of green spaces for long introspective walks, its artistic culture, the richness of its history (Dariel is a chambara movie nut), great food, and kind people.

We love to travel because we’re both photographers (but who doesn’t love to travel?); and we love photography so we travel when we can. They’re pretty much inseparable for us.

We hope you will go along with us in this never-ending journey of newfound joys and little discoveries that unfold as we travel; or stop by every now and then to share with us your own stories of discovery and adventure in Kyoto or elsewhere.